Our Mission

Exploitation and exploration are 2 faces of the same coin. When there is something new, it often has its pros and cons, irrespective of how great it is! Similarly, with the communication sector booming with a lot of technological changes happening, there is a rise in the number of crimes committed.

Staying attentive to the changes and utilising them to our favour for development purposes will only enable growth in the long term. We the leading satellite communication provider, we understand the responsibility of ours to create a better world and its impact to be positive in all ways. We have committed to providing a safer place by being a responsible service provider and to become a leader in our field.

Our mission for the same is as follows:

We intend to set a new standard of benchmarks in the industry.

We aim to become a global leader, with high ambitions from a local player to become an international brand.

We aim to achieve all these, by following the best industry standards and with a highly dedicated team consisting of professionals and passionate people who love what they do!

We always keep ourselves updated on the technology front since we believe that providing the customers with latest solutions and the clients with innovative solutions is our aim.

Values that uphold our mission:

Reliability: service excellence and quality product are our basic priorities and we ensure that we fulfil them at any cost.

Unity: we believe in unity in diversity, and apply them at our work force. Hence we have stronger teams with bigger aims, who respect each other and spread the same, with love.

Respect: we treat everyone with great respect, irrespective of race and gender. Our clients, team members, employees and customers are equally important to us, and it shows in the way we conduct ourselves, and in our policies.

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  • phone : 914-213-3314
  • email : info@midnitesunrecords.com
  • Address : 2756 Lake Forest Drive, La Grange (Dutchess), NY 12540